Neyrtec® Tasster® screw press: the efficient solution for paper mill sludge dewatering

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CMI PROSERPOL is now certified ISO 9001



CMI PROSERPOL is now certified ISO 9001




A successful achievement in Mexico

June 2014

A new Tasster© screw press PFB 1100 was commissioned last june 2014 in Ramos Paper mill in Mexico.

The machine allows a capacity of 100 BDT per day of DIP sludge (80%) and tissue paper sludge.

Dryness of outlet sludge reaches 60%.

Tasster screw press



MP HYGIENE WWTP – a successful achievement


MP Hygiene, specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of industrial wiping solutions based in Annonay, France, entrusted PROSERPOL with the project management and implementation of its waste water treatment station.

MP Hygiene is a one century old family company. It is strengthening its activity through the construction of an absorbent cotton wool machine. The liquid effluents must be perfectly treated before their discharge in the natural environment. The new factory will have 100 ton capacity a day and will be designed taking care of  energy saving and low discharge, with a particular attention on environmental issues.


PROSERPOL, one of the leader French companies in the treatment of industrial effluents, and specifically of paper mill effluents with its Grenoble office NEYRTEC ENVIRONNEMENT, proposed the implementation of an aerobic treatment through cultures fixed to immersed mobile supports (MBBR).

In this technology, the microorganisms which do the cleaning up develop on plastic supports immersed in a reactor where circulates the flow of effluents to be treated.


Surface of the aeration tank – moving carriers

At the end of the processing, the purified effluents entail the surplus sludge, which gets loose naturally from the supports, then are clarified on a specific work.
The interest of this technology lies in several aspects: the solution is very compact, the treatment is very efficient independently of the nature of the sludge,  and it is very little  sensitive to the variations of effluents.

The requested oxygen is brought by the ambient overpressure air and a system of bottom diffusion which cannot be obstructed.
The WWTP was commissioned at the beginning of 2013


 AQUAPLUS certification and trophy



PROSERPOL’s certification AQUAPLUS has been renewed and we have  also been remitted an AQUAPLUS trophy as a reward for successful achievements in sustainable development in water treatment.

 APPROVED EXPORTER AGREEMENT : one step more in export expertise


We are pleased to announce that we have been granted from French Customs Authorities the Approved  Exporter Agreement.

This agreement allows our South-Korean and Mexican Customers to benefit from favorable customs rates

 in relation with  European Union trade agreements with Korea, Mexico,  Peru, Colombia and Turkey.

One more step in our export expertise.




On December 31st, 2011, PROSERPOL was merged into COCKERILL MAINTENANCE ET INGENIERIE (CMI), a Belgian company specialized in engineering and services to industry.

CMI group represents altogether 5 000 people and owns several locations worldwide (China, India, Brazil, .